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This site is made specifically for humiliation hypno fetishists in mind. There is nothing else but humiliation hypnosis mp3s. There are no other categories included. If you have a need to be forced feminized, to get in touch with your girly self, then visit sissy-hypnosis.com. This site is no homo, just for the boys that like to be brutally abused and sadistically trained into obedient slaves and servants.
Some of the humiliation fetishes explored on this site are: small penis humiliation, cuckolding, giantess, objectification, brutal verbal abuse, financial domination, money slavery, cruel degradation, prisoner fantasies, smoking fetish, human ashtray, spitting, total submission and temporary mental transformation, some bdsm scenes and fantasies.
If you're more into the sensual, dreamy, fantasy land, then please visit trancetrap.com for the pure trance fetishistic fun.
This site is run by Lady Lana. There is no one else involved in the project, so if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, contact directly at info@humiliationhypnosis.com. Be concise and respectful. If you would like to speak one on one about some of the kinks and fetishes, then pick up the phone and start dialing. Do not expect phone sex on the line, but do expect a deep trance and sophisticated intellectual exploration of your fetishes. This is not a roleplay hypnosis with a magic watch or a pendant. What I do here is quite real, it means that you do go deep under and you need to allow yourself to do that. The hypnotic journey can highten your senses and amplify the erotic state of sexual arousal, thus bringing he hypno subject to the new heights of experiences.
It is a good idea to politely inquire of the availability first before you get a no-response signal. Just an idea...
There are many things that can be done and achieved through hypnosis, that may expand the submissive horizons that you had no idea existed. So go ahead, and do yourself a favor, dive in.
  • Total Humiliation Hypnosis Package
    Want more? Can't spend too much? Here's some help to feel a little bit less broke by spending bit less for your fetish. ...
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  • Six days of Chastity
    The cautionary tale of Toby, who really, really, should not have made fun of Hannah, seeing as how Hannah had just come home from a NLP/ hypnosis seminar. Now Toby thoughts are ru...
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  • Humiliation Dagger
    There is nothing you can do about your own sexual inadequacy, your small penis, your bruised ego, your shame... but you may also find that very sexual, arousing, addictive. You let...
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  • The Adrenaline
    The “Adrenaline” is a simulated reality hypnosis mind game of the senses and sensations of the emotional rush of being chased, cornered by losing all the control over a situati...
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  • Das Eksperiment
    The recording is based on Stanford Prison Experiments in 1971 as a starting point, then it's given a different spin. ...
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  • Love Letter
    The "Love Letter" is a humiliation cuckold fantasy and an installment of utter happiness, bliss and joy of berating degradation through erotic hypnosis by being brutally humiliated...
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